Monday, December 12, 2011

Mermaid Christmas

Hard at work on some Christmas presents and upon checking out this awesome artist's site,Zar Galstyan, I figured I would steal her idea and do up some Christmas presents. Just started burning last night and got super hooked. It's not very complicated and after adding all the stains and what not it looks really cool.

This is the drawing I am using for my guide and whatnot. The practice piece turned out as close as possible. Real deal goes down tonight...wooHOOO!!!



  1. Sneaky sneaky! Stealing ideas! I love her wood burnings, I woulda stolen it too but I have no idea even how to begin! If you do another one you should do a step by step. It would be cool to see the process. Whoever gets this must have been very nice this year!

  2. HAHAHA!! Mom is getting one and the old man is getting another one. They have been nice for a great many years...and put up with me when I was at my craziest. Can never do enough to repay that:) I'll post a step by step but its super easy. Just get a soldering iron wood burning kit and start drawing on wood with it. Super fun!!